Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Diagram

Wisdom teeth, or third molars as they are commonly known, are a set of permanent teeth that are last to erupt in the mouth. This set of teeth usually appears when individuals are aged between 17 to 25 years. Most people have four permanent wisdom teeth appearing at each corner of their mouth, but not all people have the wisdom teeth.

Since wisdom teeth appear when all the other 28 adult teeth are already in place, they may bring in a few complications. These complications may cause discomfort, pain, and infection leading to individuals seeking tooth extraction services from qualified dentists or oral surgeons.

What is Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

A type of tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure performed by experienced dentists or oral surgeons, to remove one or more wisdom teeth in order to rectify a prevailing condition or prevent a potential future problem.

However, individuals should understand that this surgical procedure is only performed as the last option when medical practitioners exhaust all the other avenues of curbing the problems. The procedure involves permanent loss of the tooth, thus, it should be considered as the last option.

Why are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom tooth extraction may be performed to correct an actual problem brought about by wisdom tooth eruption or to prevent a future problem that may occur if the tooth is allowed to remain in the mouth. Some of the problems that are associated with wisdom tooth eruption include:

  • The wisdom teeth may grow at a bad angle such as growing towards the other tooth, growing towards the back of the mouth or growing at a right angle to the other teeth.
  • Sometimes the jaw may not be large enough to permit effective growth; the tooth may become impacted and find it difficult to break through the gum a situation that can result in excess pain.
  • The tooth may break partially through the gum causing the gum to overlap the tooth. The situation can lead to germs and debris being trapped in the region causing the gum to swell and ache.
  • The tooth may also develop infections such as the gum disease, pericoronitis, abscess or tooth decay.

For preventive measures wisdom tooth extraction is done to prevent:

  • Overcrowding of the back teeth.
  • Tooth decay and gum disease which may infect the other teeth.
  • Reducing excessive pain that results from impacted wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Removal: The Procedure

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Patient

Wisdom tooth extraction should be performed by an experienced dentist such as Dr. Tam Nguyen. When a patient suspects they may have a problem with their wisdom teeth, we will first arrange an appointment to check the severity of the situation and give advice on whether extraction will be the best option. If we detect an infection, we will typically delay the procedure until the infection has cleared up. In these cases we can prescribe antibiotics to help the infection heal faster. If we identify that there is no infection, but an extraction is necessary, we arrange the extraction set up and delve into the extraction. We start by giving our patient a local anesthetic to numb the tooth region. If the procedure involves extraction of several wisdom teeth at the same time, we may have to use dental sedation to help ease the process.

The dentist will make an incision in the gum tissue overlapping the tooth, remove any bones covering the tooth, separate tooth connecting tissues and then pull out the tooth. In some cases, the dentist may be required to break the tooth into smaller pieces to make it easy for it to come out.

After the tooth removal, you may need or not need some stitches depending on the magnitude of the incision. A cotton wool is placed over to stop the bleeding. We recommend some painkillers that will help in reducing the pain. The recovery period in most cases is usually a few days.

At Paramount Dental we believe that a doctor-patient relationship should be long-term. We, therefore, follow up on our patients to make sure that everything is right. For example, we ask our patient to come back to our clinic in case bleeding persists for more than 24 hours.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Round Rock, TX

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