Teeth Whitening in Round Rock, TX

A bright white smile is something to be desired by everyone and no single person would turn down the opportunity to whiten and brighten their teeth. There are several ways to go about teeth whitening and products range from cosmetic options to special toothpaste, whitening dishes, and automatic powered brushes.

These methods can be harmful, with many pros and cons to each product. This makes professional in-house teeth whitening the surest way to achieve the whitest and brightest smile. There are many reasons why this method offers more effective and desirable results although it is also one of the least used ways.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental services that we provide and is typically the first thing that people want when they begin to consider cosmetic dentistry.

What is professional in-house teeth-whitening?

This basically refers to the procedures undertaken by professional dentists within their facilities and labs. It is unlike most other methods which often involve no professional procedures. Whitening dishes and automatic brushes, for example, can be used without the assistance from dentists. With the professional in-house process, the dentist uses different chemicals and brushes to remove plaques, streaks, lines, and shades that have accumulated over time. The end result cannot be matched by any other method available in the market.

Advantages of having your teeth professionally whitened

Teeth Whitening: Before & After

The benefits of professional teeth whitening by dentists are quite straightforward and obvious. Unlike other methods, this path has guaranteed results and involves customized services that are carefully aimed at achieving specific changes.

Dentists are highly trained professionals and teeth whitening is one of the routine activities they perform. Their experience and profound knowledge allow them to tailor special personalized procedures that will achieve white, bright and healthy teeth. There is no risk of injury or side effect of not following required procedures. You also have full access to the dentist who will monitor change and advice accordingly. They may recommend different products that will help you effortlessly maintain your new white teeth.

What results can patients expect?

There is only one kind of result that can be attained from professional in-house teeth whitening. Since the procedure is done by professionally experienced dentists, the end game is to ensure clients are satisfied with the change in shade and brightness. Depending on your individual requirements, you can expect what you bargained for.

Most icons and stars use professional teeth whitening services to attain their attractive smiles. If you are willing to pay the usually (arguably) expensive price, you can expect the whitest and brightest smile. You can also specify the degree to which you want the teeth whitened.

How long does the whitening process take?

Professional teeth whitening consumes varying periods of time depending on the work to be done. Powered cleaning and whitening may require 2 or 3 visits to the dentist and involves taking impressions, making a mouth guard and prescribing products (cream) which will be used for about 3 weeks. Chairside whitening often involves one hour sessions and may require one or more sessions. The dentist will first assess your teeth to determine whether they are suitable for the procedure. The rest is a comprehensive one-hour whitening procedure.

What does it involve?

Teeth Whitening: Before & After

The teeth whitening process has three main stages which include assessment, whitening, and maintenance. Assessment is when your dentist inspects various aspects of your teeth and smile to determine if it is safe to carry out the whitening procedure. The dentist may recommend cleaning and other restoration processes before whitening begins.

Whitening basically involves using advanced powered tools and pastes that penetrate the outside layer and remove any shade that has been added on top of natural teeth. Maintenance involves establishing a reasonable dental care routine and dentist visits may be needed from time to time.

It is important to compare the reputation of your dentist by looking through comments and experiences of previous patients. It is also important to acknowledge that professional in-house teeth-whitening is not a suitable option for everyone and some people have conditions that do not allow use of specific equipment and pastes. When in doubt, consult our credible licensed dentist with years of experience in teeth whitening.