Bite Evaluation

Dr. Tam Nguyen, our friendly dentist, is trained in dental occlusion, allowing her to evaluate the look and health of your bite. This allows us to see if your upper and lower teeth have proper contact with each other. During your dental visit, we perform a bite evaluation to see what you can do to prevent future worn-down teeth and other problems. There are several types of bites that can occur in your smile, including:

  • Overbites: Where your top teeth overreach your bottom teeth when closing to bite down.
  • Underbites: Occurs when your bottom teeth extend past your top teeth.
  • Open bite: Front teeth touch when biting down, but the back molars have space between them.
  • Overcrowding: Teeth are overlapping each other, causing more tooth decay and a crooked appearance.
  • Healthy bite: Only a slight extension of your front teeth over the bottom, and all the points of the molar fit properly.

Once we have figured out the type of bite you have, we can recommend potential treatments to get you to a perfect smile.

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