Family Dentist in Round Rock, TX

We strive to be one of the best family dentists in Round Rock, TX. We understand the unique needs that a family has when searching for a dentist and have done our best to fill those needs. Our office is staffed with kind dental professionals that are dedicated to caring for patients of all ages. We pride ourselves on our affordable treatment plans, a wide range of services, and caring team. If you need a family dentist in Round Rock, TX, look no further! Have a little one and need some information on dental care? Check out our Toothbrushing Guide for Children!

What is a Family Dentist?

A Family Brushing Their Teeth

A comprehensive family dentist cares for baby teeth to permanent teeth and focuses on oral hygiene and the overall health of the mouth. A family dentist focuses on oral health at every phase of life. Paramount Dental offers orthodontics, regular cleanings, fluoride treatment, cavity identification, dental fillings, and education on proper oral health behaviors.

Children may fear to go to the dentist, but Dr. Nguyen has created a positive and fun atmosphere in her office that allows children to relax and feel comfortable. Her friendly demeanor and sense of humor make her a hit with the kids! She also offers sedation dentistry for patients that prefer a relaxed office visit. There’s no case too complicated for Dr. Nguyen; after 15 years in the dental field, she has the experience to handle it all! Our goal is to provide a gentle and lighthearted experience so the child associates with a dentist with positive memories and regular checkups.

Why Paramount Dental for a Family Dentist in Round Rock?

Simply put, Paramount Dental is a great choice when it comes to family dentistry. Our wide variety of services allows families to fill all their needs in one office. This stability and familiarity provide a foundation for excellent oral health! Prepare for one of the best dental appointments you’ve ever had at Paramount Dental. We know what it takes and our patients rave about their experiences. Oral hygiene is about preventive maintenance, so get on a regular checkup schedule today, before the pain starts. We are always taking new patients and look forward to meeting you.

If you are ready to find a qualified family dentist in Round Rock, TX that can meet the oral health needs of every family member, contact us today!