Dental Checkups in Round Rock, TX

Paramount Dental provides high-quality dental checkups in Round Rock, TX. Our team is made up of friendly and considerate members, who strive to make your experience the best you’ve ever had. Dr. Nguyen has practiced general and cosmetic dentistry for over 15 years and has established an excellent reputation as a dentist in Round Rock. Our office is clean, our team is friendly and helpful, and we are waiting for you to schedule your appointment!

Why are Dental Checkups Important?

As your mom probably taught you, general maintenance is essential for oral health, so scheduling a check up once or twice a year with your dentist is recommended. Twice a year check ups are important because they allow a dentist to diagnose problems you may not see or feel, and it also helps to treat tooth decay before it becomes painful. Lastly, twice a year check ups allow a patient to keep their mouth and teeth well maintained; preventing major problems that occur over time without treatment.

What Happens at a Checkup?

During a dental check up at Paramount Dental, you may see both Dr. Nguyen and our dental hygienist. The hygienist will check gums and teeth and make notes of any concerns. The hygienist will also document any changes since your last visit. After she cleans and polishes your teeth, she will discuss proper oral care and address any questions you may have. After the hygienist completes your treatment, the dentist will conduct an oral exam as well. This exam checks for oral cancer or diseases and allows for treatment recommendations if anything out of the ordinary is found.

Dental Checkups can be simple or comprehensive, depending on how long it has been since your last visit. Teeth usually undergo a cleaning and polishing, and the hygienist will discuss specific steps you can take at home to enhance your general oral health. They may also take x-rays to determine your treatment plan. If you’re in need of fillings, crowns, dental bridges, or anything other procedure, it can be important to have the issue diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible! Lastly, your dentist will give you a treatment plan based on the checkup for future treatments.

Why Choose Us for Dental Checkups in Round Rock?

Dr. Nguyen and her team strive to make every dental experience the best possible for their patients. We offer a variety of services like cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, orthodontics, and sedation services so Paramount Dental is an all inclusive dental office. With the friendly team and a very experienced dentist in Round Rock, Paramount Dental is the only choice! Call us now to schedule an appointment!