Crown Lengthening

How to Achieve a Better Smile

If you are bothered by a “gummy smile” or excessive gum tissue, crown lengthening is a procedure that can effectively reshape the gum tissue and bone, creating a more aesthetically pleasing smile! This procedure can be performed on select teeth or the entire gum line depending on the severity of each individual case.

Teeth with Lengthened Crowns

A crown lengthening procedure, focused on select teeth, is also typically required to prepare the mouth for other procedures such as the placement of a new crown. Because the restoration goes deep below the gum line, the gum-to-tooth relationship needs to be lengthened to ensure a secure fit. A proper fit for any new restoration is essential in helping ensure that the crown will not come loose later. With the combination of regular brushing and flossing, having the edge of the restoration exposed will also help prevent gum disease and tooth decay, allowing you to clean around the edges.

To perform, the crown lengthening procedure entails a series of small, precise incisions on the surrounding gum tissue to help separate the gums from the teeth. With the crown lengthening procedure most patients are put under a local anesthetic. The entire procedure generally takes about an hour to perform but can vary, depending on the severity and amount of teeth involved. To help secure the new gum placement surgical sutures or a small row of stitches and bandages are put in place. Immediately after surgery teeth will already appear longer. Complete recovery takes approximately two to three months, with a revisit scheduled one to two weeks post op, to evaluate the healing and remove any remaining surgical sutures.

For more details about the procedure or to learn how we can help you and your smile, please call our office and speak to one of our helpful team.