Advanced Technology

Precision DentistryPrecision Dentistry

Patients seeking care at our dental practice can be assured that Dr. Tam Nguyen and team are utilizing state-of-the-art technology to enhance the quality and comfort of your dental care. Our practice utilizes high-power magnification which allows the dentist a magnified computer-enhanced view to allow precise and accurate patient care. After all, dentistry is micro-surgery. Utilizing magnification similar to what an eye-surgeon uses, we are able to create dental restorations with impeccable fit and finish. It is impossible to obtain these close measurements and finish work with the naked eye. Glare is also minimized, creating patient comfort, as the beam of light shines directly on the patient’s teeth rather than in the patient’s eyes, minimizing glare.

Digital Imaging

In a dental practice it is imperative that the dentist chooses carefully which x-rays and scans will be obtained for the patient. There are many guidelines to follow established by the American Dental Association. Radiographs are certainly helpful to the dentist and the dental team to illuminate what cannot be seen with the naked eye. Radiographs allow the dental health provider to detect cavities in between your teeth, estimate bone level, and analyze the health of your bone. X-rays also allow the dental practitioner to examine the roots and nerves of teeth, diagnose lesions including cysts and/or tumors, as well as to assess damage from trauma. Dental x-rays an scans are of great value in creating a valid and complete picture of a patient’s current dental health. In the dental office, exposure time for dental x-rays is minimal.

Digitization of x-rays

Dr. Nguyen utilizes state-of-the-art digital imaging technologies at present within the office. When digital imaging is utilized, exposure time is estimated to be approximately 50 percent less than when compared to x-rays traditionally taken. Digital imaging is the latest technology that provides valuable information to the dentist. Digital imaging makes cavities easier to be seen. Digital imaging also allows the dental practice to store patient images, x-rays and administrative material and enables our dental administrator to easily transfer your dental data to a recommended specialist or to an insurance company in a readable, translatable format.

Intraoral Camera

Most of our patients, especially Generation X, are using and are comfortable with the latest technology and are interested in utilizing a high-tech practice. In a high-tech world where even first-graders are on the internet, our patients are aware of and comfortable with high-tech communication. Dr. Nguyen utilize top-grade intraoral camera technology to assist in the explanation of your dental diagnosis. This is done by utilizing an intraoral camera which can be just a few millimeters in size. An intraoral camera is high tech and enables a dental health provider to view extremely clear images of your oral cavity to assist us in creating the most accurate dental diagnosis for you. Standard mirror examinations may miss the details that an intraoral camera tech system may provide. This can provide a faster diagnosis and get the patient out the door faster. Records will also be registered as data in our office computer and can be easily dispensed to you, other specialists and to your insurance company.