About Round Rock, Texas

When considering relocating, the heart of the matter is: Round Rock, Texas is just a livable town. Who would not be attracted to a robust economy, including plenty of jobs at major employers, a great real-estate scene with affordable housing in cover-of-Architectural Digest settings and scenarios. Combine the beautiful setting with a low-crime rate, sensible housing prices and accessible medical care and by golly Jim you have a rodeo.

When you interview the young population of Round Rock they will tell you that school life is super, there are plenty of opportunities for extracurricular activities such as cheerleading, golf and every sport offered in any high school in the south (is there anything besides football?) and everyone is generally in a great mood, ready for the sports seasons and ready for plenty of outdoor activities in the year-round nice weather of Texas.

Why Do Residents Love Round Rock?

Residents of Round Rock, Texas would not consider living anywhere else. They have fled Houston with the heavy traffic and pollution problems – these do not exist in Round Rock. They have relocated to Round Rock after being layed off from other jobs around the U.S. Lay-offs are extremely rare in Round Rock. And as far as Round Rock economy being affected by the U.S. economy – that does not happen in Round Rock either. The population is steadily growing as people from all over the world seek out the nice weather combined with the beautiful parks and green recreational activities available in Round Rock.

Buying a Home in Round Rock is a Smart Move

It is confirmed as a safe place to buy a home and expect that that home will increase in value. It is also a safe bet that children will grow up in safe schools, where teacher’s salaries are adequate and the school facilities will live up to the quality of schools that Texas has established and its residents expect. With a plethora of churches and community activities available, the residents of Round Rock are vibrant, have a great sense of community, and are looking forward to their children attending Texas Universities and having the opportunity to return home and live and work with their families in Round Rock.

Many magazines feature Round Rock in their top ten as a place to live, work, raise children or retire. What are the factors that make Round Rock, Texas a sure bet to make the top ten when featuring the best towns in America articles?

Why is Round Rock Such a Great Place to Live?

Why are the people in Round Rock so happy to share their opinions with why Round Rock is the perfect town to live in and raise children in the United States? Many factors. Of course the economy is an important consideration. Housing is affordable. Utilities are affordable with environmental factors considered such as the sourcing of wind power and other state-of-the-art uses of green power. Education lives up to Texas’ reputation of having solid teacher’s salaries and excellent school facilities from elementary to university level. However, it is not just the salaries and buildings that make education — it is the very spirit of Texas. Simply put, people are proud to be from Texas, and especially proud of the educational opportunities which abound in their beautiful niche of Texas — Round Rock.

Round Rock represents the best part of the best state in the union – Texas and the residents will confirm that. In Round Rock people depend on their neighbors because they can. Simply put, Round Rock is in the heart of Texas and captures the heart of Texans. It is a great place to call home. It has a special can-do attitude and embraces change which is easy to feel when you notice the new commercial and private construction as you drive into the hilly heart of Texas countryside.

Ranked in the Top 5 Places to Live in Texas

Round Rock maintains its top five ranking as the best city in Texas year after year. The Mayor claims that Round Rock ranks so high because the police department does an excellent job and the fine law officers display commitment to the population that they serve and protect. The citizenry of Round Rock works vigilantly as captains of Neighborhood Watch programs to insure that their children and elderly can feel safe at all times, knowing that their neighbors know who they are and where they should be (or not be.)