How well do you care for your teeth?

If you think that brushing everyday and flossing as well keeps your teeth in tip-top shape, think again. In order to keep your teeth as clean as possible, it’s important to make a dental checkup appointment twice a year, preferably every six months. Read on to find out why dental checkups are so vital to your overall health.

Ensure Enamel Is Intact

Do you know why your teeth are shiny when brushed? It’s thanks to your enamel.

Enamel is the outermost layer of your teeth. It’s made up of minerals and tissue, and it’s the most rigid substance in the human body. This white coating wears down easily, though, which makes way for tooth sensitivity and decay.

Dental Checkups Prevent Tooth Decay

The wearing down of teeth enamel is the most obvious form of tooth decay. Your tooth enamel breaks down due to several factors:

  • Lack of proper dental cleaning.
  • Acidic saliva.
  • Your diet.

Even if you eat a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables and avoid eating too much candy and sugar, this could contribute to the wearing down of enamel. Acidic fruits, juices, and vinegar are major contributors to acid erosion.

If you visit a dentist every six months, they can monitor your enamel to make sure it’s not wearing down too quickly. In some cases, rebuilding enamel is also possible.

Hint: Yellow teeth are a sure sign of worn enamel. The second layer of your teeth, a yellow substance called dentine becomes visible when enamel deteriorates.

Dental Checkups Prevent Gum Disease

Prevent Gum DiseaseWhen you floss between your teeth or brush vigorously, do your gums bleed?

If so, you have early signs of gum disease, also known as gingivitis. Gum disease, medically known as periodontal disease, is an infection of your gums.

Your gums become infected through the build-up of plaque, which is the bacteria that remains after you eat. If you fail to brush regularly, the plaque build-up hardens and sticks to the surface of your teeth and infects your gums.

Gingivitis does not hurt at first. therefore, it’s important for your dentist to monitor your gums regularly to ensure gum disease doesn’t have a chance to develop, and it’s just as important for you to be taking the proper maintenance steps in order to ensure that you have healthy gums.

Hint: Gum disease does not just affect your oral health. If it advances beyond Gingivitis, there is evidence that gum disease leads to heart problems.

Removal Of Tartar

Removal Of TartarPlaque and tartar are the culprits of many serious dental issues. No, this isn’t the kind of tartar you put on fried fish. This is the crusty, cement-like layer that clings to your teeth, trapping stains and wearing down your teeth layer by layer.

Tartar is a more advanced version of plaque. As mentioned before, plaque is the soft, sticky remainder of food. it can be brushed and flossed away if you practice daily dental hygiene. Tartar is something you can’t remove on your own.

During your routine dental appointment , your dentist does a thorough teeth cleaning which includes the removal of tartar. tartar is removed with an oral care solution, a metal pick, and sometimes a water flosser. The regular removal of tartar prevents the need for more serious procedures such as root canals in the future.

Beyond The Teeth

Beyond The TeethYour dentist does more than clean your teeth during routine visits. Sometimes, you’ll undergo x-rays and other forms of thorough examination to make sure that nothing abnormal is occurring in your mouth.

  • Your dentist checks your bite to see if your teeth are shifting.
  • They check your tongue to spot discoloration and other abnormalities.
  • They inspect the roof of your mouth as well as its crevices for lumps and patches.

Primarily, a dentist checks for signs of oral cancer when they perform these exams and general dentistry. The x-rays tell if there are any significant instances of tooth decay that should be dealt with right away.

Beyond The Mouth

Beyond The TeethHave you ever wondered why your dentist focuses on any part of your face or head during a routine examination?

Your dentist touches your face and head to make sure that your facial bones are well-structured. They palpates your neck as well. This exam can prevent cancerous lumps and bone abnormalities from developing.

Ready To Commit To Proper Dental Care?

Ready To Commit To Proper Dental Care?
Is it time yet for your six-month dental checkup appointment in Round Rock, TX? If so, then schedule a visit with Paramount Dental. At Paramount Dental, Dr. Tam Nguyen and her team are ready to take care of your dental needs, from routine checkups to orthodontic work. Schedule your appointment today, and commit to good oral health with checkups every six months.